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Our Story

Beginning in early 2019 we found our love for Nigerian Dwarf Goats. I purchased my first two goats, two bucks that were sweet as can be! As we know, goats are like potato chips, you can't only have a couple! 
A little while later, I chose my farm name "Fairytale Goat Farm". We are huge Disney fans so it was important for me to intertwine the two hobbies. 
Now, our herd is more established and much larger. I've become very fond of certain herds and have enjoyed bringing in these lines. We show as much as we can and my kids enjoy it as much as I do. We also started DHIR in 2021. We plan to have Linear Appraisal done starting in 2022.
My goal is to continue develop my own prestine lines that contain strong milk and show lines!

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