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Goat Milking Stands

Built by CP Welding Repair & Fab, LLC

CP Welding is owned by my husband Cody!

Stands are professionally welded, made out of steel. They are tough and built to last! Each stand includes a ramp that can fold up, removable sides that are great for grooming, adjustable and removeable head gate for easy adjusting for large and small breed goats, and wheels for easy moving.

  • Stands are $300 not painted

  • Stands may be painted and include a feed bucket for $320 (black or grey rust prevention paint)

  • Stands are 2' x 4', Ramps are 2' x 4', Legs are 24" tall

  • Local pickup or delivery is available for additional cost

  • Turnaround Time is ~ 5-7 days

  • Stands can be customized to your needs including size and color paint.

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