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Fairytale Nigerians TR Triscuit


Sire: CH Luv Lil Mtn CH Tristan, EEE91

Dam: Dreahook SA Titania

Sire's Sire: CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy, EVE90

Sire's Dam: AGS Flat Rock's Gemma

Dam's Sire: Flat Rock's Silver Arrow

Dam's Dam: CH Dreahook AB Brielle, VEEE90

Show Wins:

Progeny in Herd:

Fairytale Nigerians TR Triscuit: Our Farm

Dam: Dreahook SA Titania

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Sire: CH Luv Lil Mtn CH Tristan (PC to Lil Mtn Farm)

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Fairytale Nigerians TR Triscuit: Products
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