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  • PAID reservations are

    not accepted

    . However if you are interested in a pairing please contact Stacie via FaceBook Messenger to be added to the waitlist. 


  • All deposits are


    unless the kid becomes ill or dies


    full purchase. It is within rights of the breeder to back out of any sale if the situation is deemed uncomfortable (living conditions, transport, buyer personality).


  • All buyers must be over the age of 18. 

  • If requesting baby to be "horned" or "wethered" the purchase amount must be paid in full at the time of deposit. 


  • All babies will be disbudded (unless requested otherwise requested. Also remember, disbudding is a PREVENTION of horns. Scurs are not completely preventable, especially in bucks), tattooed (unless pet), on coccidia prevention and vaccinated for CD&T before leaving. 


  • Breeder has the right to retain kids from any breeding before placing for sale. 


  • Once a animal leaves the farm it is the buyers responsiblity. No health is guaranteed once leaving. Remember, stress of weaning, moving homes, etc can be hard on goats. Before leaving all goats receive a once over, including temperature checks and famacha score checks. No animal leaves here if they do not pass this once over. 


  • Height is NOT guaranteed. It is common for bucks to go over-height.


  • Transportation arrangement and CVIs are the buyers responsibility. Breeder is not responsible for scheduling transport.


  • REMEMBER, no goat is guaranteed to be sold to you unless a deposit is in hand! 


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